the idea idea
We value the idea. It’s the cornerstone of our business and the first four letters of our name. Our good ideas are found not only in the initial creative stage, but also in each step of our process. These ideas take place in all sorts of ways—getting you noticed, getting it on time, speaking to audiences in a new way, saving money on your budget, and even saving a tree or two. By using this strategy in each step of our process and remaining open, approachable and responsive, we can give you solutions that make your life easier and make you look great in front of the boss.

the people idea
After 80 years, we’re still independent, and we’re still family. We say we care, but more importantly, we do care. That each person matters to us is then reflected in the work we do. We are proud of that. It’s unusual; it’s different; and it’s low-tech—but in the end, it makes everyone happy. And being happy is Ideal.