We didn’t exactly start in a garage, but we did operate out of a little storefront on the southwest side of Chicago with about the same space. Another little company called Motorola was our neighbor.

We got our start making wooden boxes. In the 1920s, Al Capone ordered his boxes from us, customizing them with stenciled inscriptions of legitimate business names. He stacked them on the back of his trucks, concealing the real cargo inside­—bootlegged liquor for speakeasies. During World War 2, the military used our boxes to hold supplies they dropped off the sides of ships in shallow water where the soldiers retrieved them.

Good thing Grandpa Harry had a knack for identifying emerging trends. He had the business savvy and foresight to recognize that wood and wire-bound wood boxes (orange crates) we made would be outflanked by corrugated boxes. After purchasing the Advanced Corrugated Box Company in the 1950s, we bought our own corrugator. Now, we just had to find a place to put it. Which brings us to what is still our corporate headquarters on Austin Avenue, here in Chicago. Over the years, we’ve grown, improved, and evolved into a creative and technological leader in the retail-merchandising arena. And we can still make boxes if you need them.